Hand-picked registry of Node.js frameworks.

Looks great on every device
Looks great on every device

Looks great on every device

30+ libraries and counting.

  • MVC
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MVC frameworks


These frameworks offer rich configuration and are less opinionated than Rails-like or full-stack.


Present your project properly. Create your own art from included templates

Full-stack frameworks

That's where Node.js really shines. The full-stack MVC frameworks are bundled with scaffolding, template engines, websocket and persistence libraries to allow you build real-time scalable web apps.

REST API frameworks

For those who use rich-client/front-end MVC frameworks (or not) and just need to spin up a fast Node.js REST API server.

Other libraries

A new framework?

Fork the project on GitHub and submit a pull request. In addition you can comment on similar threads on webapplog, Quora and StackOverflow.